A Princess of Whom We Can Be Proud

March 7, 2018

Ever since Meghan Markle entered our consciousness we have been unashamedly dazzled by her. A former UN Advocate for Women, a future royal (of course), and a one-time actor, Markle wants to ‘shine a light’ on female empowerment.

As she puts it: ‘Women don’t need to find a voice… people need to be encouraged to listen’. Markle is also reportedly a vegan during the week, a flexitarian approach to a plant-based lifestyle which – given founder Amanda Thomson’s weakness for French cheese – we can very much relate to.

We’d love Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to serve organic, vegan Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco at their wedding. Who knows? More Prosecco is now served in the UK than Champagne, and as a forward-thinking couple, perhaps they will buck tradition. One thing is for sure, come the wedding day on Saturday 19 May we will certainly be toasting the very 21st-century betrothed with a glass raised high!

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