Freudian Sip – My evening with Bella

May 8, 2018

Thomson & Scott Founder and CEO Amanda Thomson has fallen in love with designer Bella Freud. Gone are the days when business meetings meant a jacket and tie for men, and the dullest of grey suits for women. But looking together and smart will never go out of fashion. Amanda loves quirky statement shoes and graphic prints used sparingly.

The Bella Freud statement knit gives her a chance to express her personality while still looking the business, important in the drinks industry which is professional but party-focused. Last week Amanda was at the Bella Freud Chiltern Street boutique, opening bottles of Thomson & Scott Prosecco Skinny Minis with eco straw to support an evening hosted by ELLE magazine’s Associate Fashion Editor Harriet Stewart.

The Bella Freud knit also has another benefit for the style set living in the UK by keeping them warm and toasty on the days (and weeks and months) when the sun refuses to shine. Thank you!

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