Noughty Stars in Mindful Non-Alcoholic Pub Crawl in London Today

October 14, 2019

Thomson & Scott Noughty will be in full flow at the Mindful Non-alcoholic Pub Crawl in London today.  Join us if you can.

Thousands of healthy hedonists are descending on Clerkenwell, East London for a journey round some of London’s best pubs today.  They will discover the possibilities of enjoying a non-alcoholic drink in what has been an alcoholic environment for generations.

They are smashing the myth that not drinking is boring.  Social environments can still be as exciting without the need for alcohol.

Mindful Mixers, a community that promotes mindful drinking and a low/no alcohol lifestyle will run the event.  Like many of us, they had grown tired of hangovers and lost weekends but still wanted to party.  Created by journalist Toni Jones and ex-drink industry publicist Fran Bailey, the community has grown rapidly.  The team have run alcohol free supper clubs, parties and corporate events to prove their point.

Thomson & Scott CEO and Founder Amanda Thomson is long asked the question, “How much fun can we have without alcohol?” We hope to see you at the Mindful Non-alcoholic Pub Crawl in London today, but if you can’t make it, let us know if you decide to have one in your region.  We’d love to support it.

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