The Vegan Way to Wedded Bliss

April 17, 2018

Vegan is no longer the rarified choice for consumers

It’s probably not a huge surprise to anyone that veganism is no longer a strange lifestyle practice popular with people who knit their own hemp clothing (though reclaimed felt hats off to them, frankly, because my clothing buying habit is one thing I definitely need to get under better control).

Being vegan is becoming decidedly mainstream, definitely glamorous and popular with everyone from Will.I.Am to Ariane Grande. However, there are still people who are surprised to discover that sparkling wines might NOT be vegan – it’s all in the animal by-products, from egg albumen to bulls blood, often used as filtration agents. It’s a similar story with weddings because there is a growing demand for weddings that take as minimal a toll on the planet as possible.

Thomson & Scott sparkling wines have featured in two delightful wedding features. If you’re planning a wedding or a party do take a look because there are some gorgeous ideas for everything from cupcakes to cruelty-free make-up in there.

Thomson & Scott sparkling wines are recommended as an ethical choice with which to toast the happy couple.

Writer Niki Webster, founder of RebelRecipes.com, wrote the feature for Vows & Venues. She’s a raw chef and award-winning vegan blogger, and her knowledge is as breathtaking as her accessible and delicious recipes and tips on sustainable living. Careful if you’re feeling hungry because she recommends the Organic Wedding Cake Company and the cakes are incredible.

Anyway, cheers and a flute of vegan, organic Thomson & Scott Prosecco to anyone getting married this year. And for anyone who isn’t, remember our mantra: there’s no angry way to say BUBBLES!

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Published: 17/04/2018

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